Women’s Health: Know the almost Unknown

The human body is complex, but more complex is the female anatomy – women’s health. Being a woman, I regret not knowing my body inside out when I started my menstruation cycle. And many of us – due to lack of knowledge and information – continue to go through pain, suffer from unsuspected diseases and depression. 

Lack of sex education and a more transparent conversation about the human body between adolescents and adults have led to multiple problems – It’s a systematic failure. 

I remember being told about “The” chapter in biology that we will study once we reach the 8th grade. We were super curious, too — and why not? We were a bunch of girls who’d just got their puberty. 

Fortunately, we were taught every part of the “reproductive parts of a human” in “That” biology chapter — courtesy of our every amazing Bio teacher — Tr. Gulati! 

However, not every student — and to date — are fortunate enough to get an education about our reproductive parts because most teachers completely ignore or skip the chapter. 

So, you see, it’s the failure in our education system. And now, as an adult, I get to hear, discuss and even experience many health issues that could have been avoided if we had the proper knowledge at the right time. 

I came across a few of my friends, colleagues, and even close relatives who suffered unheard gynecological issues — ectopic pregnancy, low amniotic fluid causing miscarriage to denial in pregnancy, and even vaginal funk and fibroids. 

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that is caused by the development of small cysts in our ovaries or enlarged ovaries. It has become one of the most common female health conditions, affecting 1 out of 5 women — and I am one of them. 

Being diagnosed with PCOS messes up your mind. You get mood swings, irregular periods, heavy bodily acne and hair growth, hair loss, weight gain, and fertility issues. 

Another issue that relates to our hymen is the “Tight Hymen Tissues” condition. The tissues dissolve with age for some women, while for few, it does not occur — which causes them immense pain during intercourse. 

How it’s resolved? Well, a common belief — and an ultimate act often too regularly followed — through engaging in forceful intercourse. 

However, the female in the act will have to endure immense pain, even to the point of experiencing ruptures and life-threatening bleeding. It’s fixable through a minor surgical procedure.

Endometriosis is yet another disorder — and a painful one — that 1 in 10 women between ages 12 – 52. The condition causes tissue formation, similar to the tissue lining our uterus — also known as “endometrium” —  but outside the uterine cavity. The tissue grows on our bowel, lining of our pelvis, and ovaries. If left untreated, the disorder can cause multiple symptoms, from pelvic pain, subfertility, and even infertility. 

Treatment of endometriosis varies as per its symptoms and stages. It might involve consuming pain medications, hormonal contraceptives, hormone therapy to hysterectomy, or last-resort surgery. 

Women’s health awareness is equal to women’s empowerment. Right resources and information will allow us, women, to understand our body better and lead healthy and positive life — which further leads to developing a better home and World! 

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