Top 4 Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas And Ticks: 2020 A New Battleground

2020 – did you get out of the wrong side of the bed? Yes, the year 2020 is officially Sc#$#d. But personally the most exasperating year was 2018. I call it “To Flea or Not to Flea!” It was a maddening flea outbreak year for my pet labrador Joey! 

The flea attack was so heinous that I literally carried a flea comb, magnifying glass, and my patience in my pocket! 

The flea and tick war was all new for me. So, I was unprepared and unarmed. In fact, it made my worst nightmare a reality – “a room swarmed with insects, bugs, and every tiny living creature, who could survive an armageddon!” 

It took me a month to conquer the infestation both indoors and from my baby’s body. And phew, it was a fight well fought! 

Back to 2020 – with the already ongoing war against a fatal virus, COVID-19, or coronavirus – I’m foreseeing a flea and tick homecoming spree! And this time, I have two dogs! 

Fret not, I’m prepared for a smackdown. 


All I need is a set of 4 weapons to get rid of the fleas and ticks- 

  • Powerful vacuum cleaner 
  • Anti-flea shampoo 
  • A tick collar 
  • And will power 

Cleaning and maintaining every part of your home is key to keeping fleas and ticks at bay. However, a broom and mop alone cannot counter the tiny enemies. You need a mighty powerful cleaning weapon – And it’s none other than a Vacuum Cleaner! 

Powerful Vacuum Cleaner 

I use Dyson V11 Vacuum. Given the fact that you have to vacuum for at least 4 – 5 times a day to ward off the fleas and ticks – Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum is super convenient because of its cordless feature.

It’s flexible and powerful to the core – delivering AMAZEBALLS of a performance! Though on the pricey side (almost 50 grand in INR), it’s worth every zero that’s present in 50k! 

I’m also eager to get my hands on the Robo vacuum cleaner from MI. Check it out here

Anti-flea Shampoo 

Growing up I had the privilege of having two dogs. So, I knew what a bit about dog grooming. Recently, I have been using shampoos from Wahl. They come in variants meeting specific requirements of your dog baby. I’ve used Oatmeal shampoo, Four-in-One Lavender and Chamomile shampoo, and flea and tick concentrate shampoo from Wahl. 

Wahl 820007 Flea and Tick Shampoo, Rosemary Mint 710ml /24oz is another amazeballs of a product. It’s made with a robust formula that not only fights the tiny pests but also keeps your dog’s coat clean and protected. It gives off rosemary and cedar scent. I’ve used it for a single bath only and the ticks are already scramming for the door! 

It costs 750 INR and a single squeeze makes up for an awesome lather, especially if you have large breeds, like a Labrador. 

Tick Collar 

There are many pessimistic opinions about tick collars. But I swear by them. The best ones are made with unique formulas that repel and kill the living soul outta fleas and ticks. Though you need to replace them after 6 months of use – a tick collar is definitely worth the investment in a war against fleas and ticks. 

The tick collars are made with chemical formulas that release repelling components and mix with the natural oils, skin, and coat of your dog. 

The chemical release is within the proximity of your dog’s skin and fur only. The tick collars are safe and effective. 

I use Bayer Kiltix Collar. Buy it from Amazon for 780 bucks (INR). It’s worth every penny believe me! 

Finally, Will Power 

You have all the weapons intact – from your vacuum cleaner, anti-flea shampoo to tick collar. However, all these will deliver the desired results, only if you are determined to jump into the battleground. 

Believe me, it takes a thousand souls’ will power to vacuum 5 times a day. And giving a 40 kgs or almost 80 pounds, furry labrador a bath, calls for an additional dose of valor and grit. Without WILL POWER, you cannot win this BATTLE! 

I personally follow these techniques. It can change or alter as per your resource, availability, and mindset. All I know is that I would rather slog than see my fur babies suffer from continuous itching and irritation due to the fleas and ticks.

Are you up for the challenge? 

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