To My Li’l Sis…

I remember the first time mummy, papa brought you home from the hospital, you were so tiny for a newborn – whiter than the ghost but cuter than most 🙂

I remember we were in Darjeeling for our summer holidays. You were only tiny two – all adorned and wrapped in woolen, and a li’l swollen coz you tripped from the stairs and flew! 

I remember us – me eight and you three – singing our heart out “rain is falling chama cham cham..” under our newly installed shower – (or always when it’s raining) It was our session of dance training!

I remember you all dolled up at ten on Christmas – when you accidentally gulped rum and coke outta an adult’s glass. 

And how you went crazy, being stared at with a red-eyed, angry mama, all ready to kick your ass!

I remember, you studying history with headless images in the eleventh standard – and I get your frantic call at work. 

You were so scared just because you thought you saw a ghost dressed like me.

I burst out laughing thinking you went berserk! 

I remember me and my girl gang going to clubs, with you tagged along. Making you dress the part, so you could pass off as an adult, and dance the night out to every goddamn favorite song. 

I remember our fights over a single side pillow. And how papa would ground us at 1 AM – with me howling for hours sitting atop the water tank and you all sleepy on my shoulders. 

I remember getting so busy with the new job that I completely overlooked your problems.

The mental harassments, the rebukes from a few so-called “relatives”, and you being all alone. For that and everything, I’m sorry. I wish I could turn back time and fight your lone battle!

For the first time, I felt how I missed you when you came to India after four years and left within a few weeks. 

On now that you turn the “BIG Three O”, I promise to be there for you – through thick and thin, forever and always! 

Happy Birthday Li’l One
Love D’eeds

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  1. Oh gosh Maria!!! What can I say, this made me speechless and all emotional. Knowing you’ll from little kids and the every facts written. Your 3rd last para brought tears to my eyes and a pain inside me. Well said Maria, God bless you forever

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