The Time I Saw A Geek-Of-A-Ghost

It was one of those days, when sudden plans unfold and you’re left at the office all night. Thank God for the makeshift mattress in the Production Room, else I would have sacrifice my backbone, sleeping on the chair.

Now that you know we have a makeshift mattress in our office, you’ll not be surprised to see a black lab running around the whole setup too.

CONFESSION: I work in a quirky yet fun place. Jealous much 😛

Anyways, let’s stick to the title of this blog post “The Time I Saw A Geek Of A Ghost”.

Home is home, and nothing can replace the comfort of your bed …. And I mean, nothing. So, when I had to stay back at office for a night, because of a sudden out-of-town trip of my beloved, I thought…. Well, it won’t be a bad thing. After all, it’s just a matter of few hours, right? WRONG!

After finishing my project and dinner at the same time, I got ready to go to bed…. In my office, complete with huge white desks, black chairs, whiteboard, computers and lots and lots of wires.

Lights Off, Sleep Gone

At first I decided to switch off the lights …. Since, it is an office, there aren’t any dim lights. But turning off the lights was a bad idea, a pitch-black idea. So, I rolled up one set of shutters, keeping the lights off. The street lights worked as my office night light.

Oh, I tucked our official pet to sleep downstairs. The makeshift mattress was anything but comfortable. First, there weren’t many pillows – which, I cannot do without them – second, I was all alone in one freakishly giant tech room!

There I saw her

I somehow managed to sleep – took 2 hours. It was 12 AM precisely, when I turned to sleep on my left side, and got the shock of my life…..

I saw a foot away, right above my head, a chair mounted with a seated lady. Yes, a pajama wearing lady. Before I could get a closer look at her face, I jumped right out of bed and switched on all the five blazingly strong lights. Lights on, and the figure was gone… poooffff!

Who was she? Why…. how…. With so many questions running in my head, I ran downstairs to drag my half-asleep pet upstairs.

Not the best guard dog in the world

I thought, with a dog in the room, I wouldn’t be alone at least and get a few hours of good sleep?! WRONG. From 12AM till 6 AM, I played host to an uptight dog, who pushed me aside only to sleep on the greater part of the bed.

Good night sleep, goodbye sleep!

I asked myself, Why the Freak, I got my – supposedly cuddly and lovely – dog, known as the best guard dog in the world to give me company that night. So, I stayed awake like a fool of an owl, while my dog was having his day!

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