Renewal Resolution

January 1, 2019 – Usual routine – hit the gym and get ready for home. But it was a new spectacle at the cardio room – 10 new members. All slogging, grinding and going at it – like it’s their New Year Resolution… hmm – Well, it was!

New Year Resolution 2019

What’s with New Year Resolutions? It’s like a bad Tinder Date – All fun and exciting in the first week and then you go Phantom on your date …. Gone … Poof!

I went to wish my 80-year old grandma, as our longstanding ritual – along with twenty uncles, aunts and hundreds of cousins – I simply sat with my Maa (my grandma) and had a straight heart-to-heart talk.


With her (now) feeble voice and fragile hands tucked into my palms – My Maa first blessed me with kisses and then answered a few of my questions.


“Do you like being old?” to which she answered, “Absolutely, %^&*# NO!” “I can’t gallop around and feel my hips like before!” Well, her slangs never get old!


“Do you regret anything in life?” and bang came the answer, “Yeah, got married God Damn so Young!” Thank God my grandpa is gulping his share of whiskey on the cozy clouds!


“Do you look forward to 2019?” and yet another straightforward answer I received from my Maa … “Yes, the next 2 or 4 months!”


So, no New Year Resolutions from my Grandma. She is all lived and loved. Nothing to change. In fact, no time to change.


So, how the freaking sure are we that we have time to change or adopt new things and habits in life, in the name of New Year Resolution?


Are we so damn sure about our AGE, YOUTH and VALOR?!


So, straight from the horse’s mouth a.k.a my hubby dear – “There’s nothing called New Year Resolution”. “It’s about renewing your life for the next year. A Renewal.” “You’ve got another year to live, to love, to be happy, to make things. A chance that is called Life Renewal!”


Woah, Baby! That’s goddamn intense!


But True!


I think Resolution is more like Repeat of Solution that you could not find last year – hence – RE-SOLUTION!


So, problems remain the same in life, just we’ve got another year to try solving them.

Moving on … no Resolutions for me. Only living life with a set PURPOSE. LIVING. JUST LIVING!


HAPPY 2019! And wish my Maa more than 4 months, please!

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