QuaRANTine – I will RANT! 


I remember attending the wedding of my husband – Jay’s friend’s sister, in January. There we met another friend of Jay’s who recently returned from China. And we started talking about a virus that’s affecting many in China. 

Big Question Mark On Our Future

Jay also advised his ‘friend’ not to go back to China, citing that things will get worse. And that’s exactly what’s happening. Things are not only worse, but our entire existence is within a BIG QUESTION MARK!

Janta Curfew – Experiment To Start 21-Day Lockdown

stay at home during coronavirus

COVID-19, nCovid, novel coronavirus or coronavirus – the epidemic originated from Wuhan, in China and engulfed the entire world – starting a pandemic that doesn’t seem to end. In India – Janta Curfew, on 22nd March 2020, was announced by our Honourable Prime Minister – Shri Narendra Modi. 

Then too, Jay recommended stocking up essential goods and grains because the “Janta curfew” is just testing or experiment. And guess what, immediately, a 21-day lockdown was announced. 

Anxiety, Stress, Depression – COVID-19 News Updates 

Every morning before even setting my feet down from our bed, I check the news and updates – somehow expecting a vaccine or drug to bring an end to the pandemic. But instead, I’m flushed with news of deaths, COVID-19 positive patients, and tail spinning of the global economy. 

COVID-IDIOTS – New Breed Of Human Species That Originates From COVD-19 

Futuristic coronavirus cells abstract background with glowing low polygonal virus cells and text on dark blue background. Immunology, virology, epidemiology concept. Vector illustration.

While we are all in quarantine, doing our bit of social distancing – there are a few (many) Covididiots – yes we have the term now referring especially to so-called human beings – who overlook orders, and defy lockdown, social distancing and every precautionary measure that our government has issued – they are called CovidIdiots! 


COVID-IDIOT No. One – Those Who Clapped-The-Day-Lights-Out 

I specifically witnessed the acts of CovidIdiots on 22nd March 2020 when our Prime Minister requested every Indian to clap and shower accolades from our balconies and terrace – “balconies and terrace” only for everyone working even during a lockdown – including our healthcare workers, sanitizing professionals, police, and similar people. 

But instead of clapping, there were CovidIdiots literally barging the roads, lanes and bylanes, dancing, shouting – Go Corona Go, banging utensils like there is no tomorrow. 

COVID-IDIOT Variant Two – The Off-Season Diwali Celebrants 

And another spectacle took place on the day when at 9 PM we were again requested light candles or diyas. Instead of diyas and candles, there were CovedIdiots bursting crackers – like it’s Diwali! 

COVID-IDIOT No. Three – Uncles And Aunties Who Think, If The Virus Infects Them, It’s Their Destiny


Another herd of CovedIdiots is a group of uncles and aunties who think that it’s God’s will – if coronavirus infects them, it will happen. It’s destiny – No You Idiots – It’s stupidity! And your ignorance will not only infect you with COVID-19 but make you fatal spreaders and carriers of the virus! ARGHHH! 

COVID-IDIOT No. Four – Unfortunately It’s My Dad 


Like, yesterday, when an order of medicines from PharmEasy was delivered at my mom’s place – my dad started rebuking the delivery guy – when he refused to drop the medication inside. 

My dad – And I am not embarrassed or ashamed to share this – told him off that he does not have coronavirus, so why is he not giving it in his hand. Well, Papa … he is taking safety measures – to protect not only himself but also YOU! ARGHHH! 

COVID-IDIOT No. Five – Heartless-Stray-Hating B*&%!rds


Another incident of CovidIdiosy – Yeah, I created the term because I am MAD at this one – one candidate has been sharing his resume through our company email id for umpteen number of times – even when we reject the same – recently dropped a change.org mail – where he shared that he’s petitioning against a group of dogs in his “para” or locality that have been creating a menace. 

The petition is for the KMC or Kolkata Municipal Corporation to either take them away or euthanize them. That moment I felt like cursing the day-lights outta the guy, but since it was through our company email, Jay very politely asked him not to share such emails via work emails. 

Another ARGGHH for CovidIdiots – who have been under the impression that this world is only for them. Animals and humans are meant to co-exist, and during this pandemic, the animals need us more than ever – especially the stray animals! 

Staying indoors, social distancing (And I literally have put myself off from social media too – no Instagram or Twitter), I continue to ponder over thoughts that this pandemic – is a signal from Mother Nature. 

Nature Is Recovering

healing nature

She has been hinting human beings to act like human beings. To nurture nature and her creations, else our deeds will backfire. And it is happening. While humans are indoors – wildlife – wild animals from elephants, deers to even dancing peacocks are exploring our cities. The sky is blue again, especially Delhi skyline – the ozone layer is getting fixed, Yamuna’s foamy-dirty water is serene and crystal clean again, you can hear birds chirping, instead of cars honking. 

And we could have experienced nature at her best without getting worse – COVID-19 could have been avoided if we human beings were more responsible and accountable for our deeds!

We are COVID-Idiots! 

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