Practice. Progress. Perfection Results

Practice makes perfect. And what is perfection? Perfection is a perception. What might seem perfect for you will look otherwise to another person? Perfection is not absolute theory. It’s the amalgamation of grit, effort, desire, and passion for churning out a result as per your perception. 

  • No one is perfect (except for our furry-doggo babies!)
  • Perfection is a myth (no wonder we always say, God is perfect!)
  • Strive for practice, progress and not perfection 
  • There’s still the next step 

When was the last time you achieved something that can be deemed as Perfect? 

In my opinion, perfection is a pathway to a roadblock. You achieve a set goal, and then what? Hundred percent of something makes the process stagnant. 

Work in Progress

I believe the best word to describe achievement in Progress. We all are a “work in progress” – A constant that has tributaries and distributaries of several accomplishments. 

Progress negates the concept of Perfection

Progress is also our strength … our hope. Because we know we have something to achieve, to accomplish in life. 

Progress negates the concept of Perfection. I remember, last year, when I joined the gym, I was scared to even workout in front of fellow members. In fact, I held on to the treadmill, only walking at a speed of 4, for the next month. My fear and inhibition were overturned by positivity.

I Run The Treadmill

Positivity through an ally – one of my trainers. She was not even assigned as my “go-to-person,” yet she observed me each day. And one day, she approached me with a simple “hi” and nothing else. 

The second day, she inquired about my health, my goal to join a gym, and so on with a simple “hi.” On the third day (Wow, sounds biblical, right?) She nudges me to increase my treadmill speed to 6 and then 7 and then 8 and ultimately assured me that I will not fall or hurt myself. She asked me to trust her. And trust I did. 

Now I run confidently and continue to increase my speed, because there’s no limit to speed, as there is no Perfection! (If you’re Usain Bolt or our very own Kambala racer, Acer Srinivas Gowda, then speed is your …. )  

Perfection Is A Myth

Perfection, at its core, is a myth. We hear or get religiously lectured that God is perfect. Is he/she? 

Nature is not perfect. “she’s” a work in progress that depends on us human beings to keep her thriving. Well, we’re failing at that. But with the right knowledge, inspiration, and empowerment, we can combat all the atrocities meted out on Mother Nature. Take a cue from “Greta” please! 

So to conclude, aim for progress and positive results. Forget about perfection because it’s non-existent! 

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