No Ovaries, No Opinion – Fight With The PCOS Minions

The day I first started my periods I immediately witnessed the anatomical transition. It went from a Box to a Pear. My agony then, “Now I have to worry about bras!?” Not just bras my friend, I had another war brigade approaching my facial home turf – “The Pimple Brigade”. They were ruthless. I fought a nasty one for a year. Ultimately winning at the end. The scars of the war till date exists.

PCOS Problems

I thought that Pimple War was over. But NO, the Pimple Brigade changed forces and “location of attack”. They targetted my Ovaries!


My face wasn’t enough, now I have to save my Ovaries from the despicable, deplorable Pimple Army?!


Oh, and they have a name for the war – PCOS!


Their War Strategy is political to the core. They try to take over the bloodgates, attacking my FLOW – just being an obstruction to my “ovarian pearls” – who only wanted to be out each month. Just like the Patriachial Monster – PCOS brigade – drew a boundary for them – shackling them in their grasp – cutting short their Freedom of Flow!



“I look like my DAD!” – Male Balding Pattern – Another war strategy the PCOS minions were striking on my head. I love my dad but ….


PCOS Male Balding Pattern


The “Tiny Troubles” also joined hands with my nemesis – TESTOSTERONE – who outsmart and outgrew ESTROGENs (my best buddies). And man – Testosterone – when full on berserk – plucking my Head Full Of Hair and placing them on my chin and cheeks. It wasn’t bad enough for Puberty Aunty to unleash a blow of Craters on my Cheeks – that Testosterone Minions added a completely different hairy tale to it!


But fret not! I am not going to succumb to my war against PCOS. With my Gynae or Guide and a few Tablets in my stride, I was armed and ready to give a kicking fight to the Monsters!


Fighting PCOS – My War Strategy

PCOS Solutions

  • Eating Right CHECKED
  • Drinking Gallons of Water CHECKED
  • Exercising CHECKED
  • No JUNK Goodies CHECKED
  • Sleeping 6 Hours Straight CHECKED
  • Meditating CHECKED
Girl Power!!

I am in solidarity with 1 out of 10 women who are fighting the same battle with PCOS. Sisters, I am with you. We are in a war and we will succeed together!


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