Mummy ….

Mother — the reason for your being. 

Mother — the season that’s evergreen. 

Mother — the life as we know and live it.

Mother — the only soul for solace. 

My mother, mom, “mummy,” I wish I knew …. 

I wish I knew …. so I’d hug you tight one last time. 

My mother, mom, “mummy” I wish I knew ….

So, I’d caress your face and say, “I love you!”

My mother, mom, “mummy” I wish I knew …

I’d stop the heavenly force to take you forever away from me!

My mother, mom, “mummy” I wish knew…

I wish this is all just a dream, I wake up with a scream and you are there to comfort me!

Every day I feel a void, like a piece of my heart has disappeared forever. 

It’s the truth — Life and Death — but not for you, I refuse to believe ever!

I see you in the clear blue sky, 

I feel you through the warmth of the shining sun, 

I hear you in every chirp of a bird, 

I love you, Mummy! 

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