Nine Months’ Wait

It was a nine months’ wait before we could cradle our little one. Nine months of thinking, dodging, tripping, being apprehensive of the future with our little one. Should we have one? Can we manage our life with a new member? We haven’t done this before, so can we succeed in the art, spirituality, patience, commitment, passion, the perseverance of parenting? Do we possess the competence to take care of another life? 

Life-Reconstructing Decisions

So many questions and a hint of skepticism. But finally, we built up enough courage and whole lotta a conviction, faith, and belief to bring our little one home – though we sifted out all the predicaments and pessimism before making the life-reconstructing decision. 

Joey – December 10, 2016

It was on December 10, 2016 – Saturday Morning, me and Jay my husband, drove to the family that will complete ours. We got our Joey – and we were official “Parents”! 

First-Timers… Wasn’t Fun

The first night with Joey – left us feeling jaded. Jay and I took turns to cradle Joey after every one hour. A minute missed would lead our little bundle of joy from turning into a carping siren. 

First-Night… Owl’s Night

The night rigmarole continued for a week until Joey got used to his environment and built a sense of trust (that’s set for eternity)


The first few mornings were packed with surprises … good and bad (some beyond repairable and adverse)

Scuffled, Ruffled

We woke up to scuffed walls, ruffled pillows and chewed up paper. But the bewilderment vanished away … like the “Blue Will Smith, A.K.A Aladdin’s Genie’s Spell … with a sheer glimpse of sparkling eyes, ear to ear infectious smile and an incessant wagging tail of our little Joey…. Yes, you heard it right …. “wagging tail”… 

Our Li’l One

Because… our kid … our little one … and our whole world … Joey … is our sweetheart Labrador Retriever. 

Proud … Us

Yes, Jay and I are “Dog Parents” … I am a “Dog Mom” and a proud one! 

Relatives Are Tedious Pack

The constant muddled looks and annoying assertions of our “relatives” towards us getting a dog at an age when we were supposed to have our own kids … human beings … did little to nothing to our life’s biggest decision nor converted our optimism and love for animals! 

Pure Love. Nothing Else Matters

In fact, bringing Joey into our lives helped in developing a sense of passion, love, and empathy towards other living creatures beyond human beings …. so much so, that immediately after two years of adding Joey into our life, we adopted a stray puppy … Choto … our Second four-legged kiddo – “daughter”. 


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