It’s Optimism, Not Coffee That Get’s Me Going


I’m no preacher or teacher, but I do know a thing or two about life. You either get bothered by rejection or choke-slam the hell outta it. That’s life. It is all about having a little optimism and a lot of passion and patience.

I grew up with a lot of You Can’ts. And it seriously messed up my mind. Rather, it trained my personality to leave things in between, be it assignments, projects, or even relationships. What followed was a string of rejections in every aspect of my life. From being in the web of waiting list or getting to hear we’ll call you. Every time, I experienced a knot in my stomach and it was knot …. Oops… I mean, not a good feeling. I was on a constant barf mode!

How did I get through it? Well, for starters, I chose the best life-partner. And it was all a result of sheer optimistic and positive thinking. I don’t have a gang of buddies, but few good-full-of-life-and-positivity kinda friends and one of them is definitely my husband.

Rule number one – Be optimistic and surround yourself with people who constantly throw good vibes at you. Believe me, it will work as a magic in your life.


Rule number two – Believe in the law of attraction. I am a stern believer in every aspect of laws of attraction. Focus on everything positive and good and gain exactly the same in life. And it is vice versa.

Rule number three – Throw back positive thoughts and actions to the universe. It will reward you with the same. We live in a Squash Court. And are constantly playing a game of squash. Whatever you hit, it returns to you. That’s life. Take it or leave it!

So, for me, optimism and not coffee that does keeps me awake and gets me high!

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To hell with haters. Keep a few warm people in your life and forget about the cold!

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