Indian Ads – Revised for 2020?

BLOOD IS RED, NOT BLUE. And I’m saying it aloud, not in a WHISPER!

Sanitary Napkin Ads – I couldn’t have started with something better than this. Sanitary ads – yeah, we can hop, skip, and jump. And yeah, most of us do feel low, achy, and nauseous – yet, we go about our day. But NO …. oh, God NO… our BLOOD is not BLUE. What, are you trying to make us a part of Pepsi Ad? If you can show sanitary pads on screen, hell you can also show the real color of blood – it’s RED – unless, you think we women are honestly from the planet VENUS or AVATARS!


I loved the “share the load” campaign of Ariel washing powder. And that should be it for all cleaning products. Right when you show Harpic in hand of Akshay Kumar and a toilet filled with women complaining…. why not sprinkle their husbands in the frame too…. don’t they take a dump?


It’s 2020 already … stop being racist, classist, elitist, and dumbF&*Ks. No, your skin does not define your confidence level. Your attributes, your credentials, your level of perseverance does. I interview men and women every month for positions in my company …. and the first thing I see is … not their skin! I look into their resumes, personalities, and talk about their goals and ambitions in life.

Fairness creams – GET A LIFE!

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