If You Love Dogs, Then I Love You!

Yes, that’s true. If you love dogs, then we can be friends for life! There’s nothing new, when I say, Dogs are four-legged human beings. Aahhh, if only they could speak. Life would be a blast of colors and laughter, huh?!

My Labrador buddy – correction – my baby, Joey, is an emotional pudding. He loves getting constant belly rubs. You should watch him drool with joy, when getting his regular ear massage. He is a sheer bundle of joy.

But boy oh boy, the dude is one helluva emotional kid. Yesterday, we witnessed a doe-misty-eyed Joe.

Why was he tearing up? Because we spent the entire day with him – minus our laptops, phones and meetings. It was a date day with our baby Joe, me and hubby dear!

That’s how life can be, if you have dogs as pets. They will listen to you, when no one bothers to give a damn heed. They will be there, wagging their tails, when you are down. Oh, I’m getting a bit emo myself here, people 😛

Anyways, not only Joey, we have street buddies too. Who run towards our garage door, way before us. They are sensible to the core, you see.

Man of with nothing, shared everything!

Today, while on our way to the office, we saw a small-hole-in-the-wall sized shop at the sidewalk, with a middle-aged man, selling cigarettes, betel or paan, biscuits, and other edible bits. While waiting for the lights to turn green, I observed the man for few seconds.

He took out a handful of biscuits from the jar (which was meant for his customers) and started feeding three stray dogs. I shared the visual with my husband and he counter-shared a recent incident that took place today only….

Rich in pocket, poor at heart!

My hubby, with a sad expression, shared what he witnessed few hours back. While coming out of his office (MNC), he happened to glance upon two top-level managers (Each get a monthly salary of over 1Lac INR!)

Chatting up over a cuppa and munching on cookies from a nearby tea-stall. All this while, a frail looking dog, knelt in front of them, and gaped at the biscuits, with the hope of getting fed or chance upon a few crumbs. (I instantly teared up hearing this) My hubby, fed that poor thing. Both were super happy!

The instant thought, just saw a man, with a meagre earning, feeding few frail souls without any inhibition or motive. And here we have, Corporate biggies, whose cigarettes cost more than a pack of biscuits, fail to give a short glance at another living being, who happen to be hungry, and unwanted.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re filthy rich or poor. Abundance comes with good deeds, thoughtfulness and showing humility to every living being. You are a true HUMAN BEING then!

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