How To Work From Home And Actually Get Things Done

Tips on being productive while working from home during COVID-19 pandemic 

Two hands and 24 hours a day not enough!

I remember the last I worked from home at a stretch was when I was doing freelancing. And it was a decade back. That time I was single, had my mom take care of my meals and my siblings – who’d try to nag me for my PC (personal computer – yeah, I didn’t work on a laptop as I do now!) 

Trying To Work From Home

The scenario, experience, and tangent a decade ago was different for me than it’s in today’s work-from-home situation. I’m married, with a family of three – which includes my husband and two fur-babies. 

Chores Divided Between Husband And Wife

Go Team!

Though the household chores are divided, I have instructed my husband to focus on his work – since he’s currently juggling 10 people’s workload. And also he has OCD – so getting him involved in the chores would mean investing the entire day toiling on tasks related to cleaning and swabbing only! 

Being Productive, While Dreaming Of Chocolate Cake

I’m in a mood for some food – and that’s for 24*7!

Being productive while working from home, as well as, taking care of your household chores might seem daunting. However, if you prepare a plan and stick to a system, it’ll be a piece of cake…. ooh, cake, oh how badly I want to gorge on a lush piece of decadently chocolate frosted, moist cake…. sorry, I digressed there. That’s another issue of working from home – Food. Why does everyone become hungry when at home?! 

I Need Marie Kondo In My Life! 

OCD – Oh, Calm Down!

Every family has its share of ups and downs, high and lows, good and bad moments, struggles, and experiences. How you manage your daily schedule or who all are involved in the process, varies from one family to another. 

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine or lockdown situation – most of us are going through almost similar situations. And if you’re a woman, then things mount like Tensing Norgay’s journey to the top of the Mighty Everest. 

I wish I was Marie Kondo or have her in my life right now. Because she is the only person on earth to really show you awesome methods for staying organized…. Wait, aren’t our mothers too?!

Top 3 Tips To Working From Home And Getting Things Done For Good 

#1 TIP – Make A Blueprint Of Your Day’s Schedule 

Plan, Plan, Repeat!

So, you sleep for 7 hours a day, right? Oh, 10 hours? Well, you’re single I guess! Anyways. I try to get a straight 7 hours’ sleep. And nothing in the world can move my sleep schedule. 

Create a blueprint – divide your 24 hours into minuscule hourly slots. Say, 7 hours sleep, which leaves you with 17 hours. Take out 7 hours for your office or professional tasks and you’re left with 10 hours. Divide those 10 hours into breaks, household chores, and miscellaneous tasks in hand. 

Here’s what I do – I wake up at 6 AM and get my fur babies up and running to do their ones and twos. Then I proceed to making breakfast, cleaning the house and preparing lunch from 6:30 to 9 AM. 9 AM – 10 AM I get going with a quick workout routine, have my breakfast and take a shower. 

By 10:30 AM I am online and all geared to work on my professional tasks. In the meantime, I take a 15-minute break to get my doggo babies to do their pee-pee and wrap up exactly at 7:30 PM. After 7:30 PM I am with my family only, relaxing and enjoying. 

#2 TIP – Change Your Mentality 

It’s The Power Of A Positive Mindset!

I think this should be the number one tip … eh? Anyways. A change in mentality will drive you in the desired direction. The same goes for being productive during the quarantine. I know of friends and family members who think that this entire lockdown, COVID-19 situation is a huge family picnic. 

Most of them have hoarded snacks, groceries, and everything to munch on – and are either sleeping or watching Netflix. I won’t blame them on the Netflix part, because – damn, Netflix is on a surge of releases. Did they know about this pandemic? 

Change your mentality, if you want to get things done for real, while working from home or when in quarantine. Just because you’re indoors, you cannot simply slack all day on the bed. I know, maintaining focus and precision, with a house full of pets, parents, partners, and kids – is a tad daunting. But that’s what you need to conquer – FOCUS. 

If you’re unable to achieve precision to work from home, then take out a few minutes and listen to binaural beats. Binaural Beats work wonders – They boost and promote both positivity and relaxation, along with focus, concentration, and memory power. 

Remember, being in quarantine gives you the added advantage of saving time that otherwise gets wasted on your commute to the office – in my case, it’s two hours of transportation time, to and fro from work and home. 

#3 TIP – Prioritise Your Tasks 

What’s Important?

The best method of getting work done while WFH is to complete tasks or projects immediately after you wake up. And to do so, you need to commit to waking up early. It’s a challenge, but believe me, when you get the results, you’ll start loving the technique. 

If your family or entire khandaan wakes up at 7 AM or 8 AM – you start your day at 5 AM. Get your emails checked, projects managed, tasks handled within 2 hours’ turnaround time, and then proceed with your household chores. 

This way, you get enough time to accomplish office work and household chores. And take an hour’s nap to make up for the early wake-up… ooh, it rhymed. If you manage to work on this habit, you can experience the longevity of the entire day! 

And when the lockdown gets over, you can continue with this routine, leave for office and return home early as well. You will get an ample amount of time to spend for yourself and your family. 

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