Demo (The) Crazy

It’s Monday, and I am on my way to the office. The usually congested roads of Salt Lake are absent of the regular corporate-tagged men and women. Instead, they are barricaded and housed by the Central Force Police Team. It feels like the entire city is in a curfew mode.

It’s Monday morning, and I enter an empty office. The guys applied for leave on Friday.

It’s the West Bengal Legislative Assembly Election, 2016.

My office is right next to the CPI(M) – now in alliance with the Congress Party. Except for the Arambagh store, all shops and eateries are shut for the day, even the chemist store!

So, there is no way to get my breakfast nor lunch. Swiggy is not working too. Aarrgghh! The horror!

What’s the deal? Aren’t the elections designed for the foundation of a better government? Isn’t it about Democracy? Isn’t it about the rights of the common man/woman/children/animals….?

If so, then why on earth are our people so damn scared and insecure to come out of their house today? Why must my office boy’s mother, force him to stay home?

What’s the deal with my State, my Country, my Nation? Why power enforcement of the ruffians, Gundas, and political pigs throttle our sanctity, peace of mind, freedom and the right to live, elect and form a responsible government that represents us?!

My head is aching, and stomach is growling. Why? Because the local store owners are too scared to keep their shops open.

WTF is what I feel and want to shout out right now. A 3-year old is also assaulted by a few TMC goons. Political swines are let loose today to thwart the voice of the Common Man.

Why should I think twice before leaving office? Why should I fear of my right to drive and reach home safely? Why, I ask whyyyyyy????!!!!!

The election is nothing less than the Demo of the Crazy not about DEMOCRACY!


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