Curse of the Surge

So, it’s 7:30 PM and 37-degree centigrade. Waiting for a cab right outside the Salt Lake. Empty cabs pass by me, one at a time, without even giving any heed to my loud ‘Bhaiyaa’. So, I try looking straight into the eyes of a lecherous middle-aged man standing next to, just to confirm and conclude that I’ve not gone INVISIBLE!

After waiting for 15 minutes, I manage to get hold of the attention of a cab-wala. But curse my stars, he asks for an extra 20 bucks. Why? Well, to quote him, “It’s too late na, so extra 20 rupees!” “Too late?!” I shrieked. It’s only freaking 7:45 PM. “Did your Mama tell you not to go out of the house after 8 PM or are you gonna become blind?!” with the last curse, I stormed and walked further.

You might be asking, “Girl, don’t you have Uber or Ola app on your phone?” Honeybees, yes I do have. But I would rather pay the cab-wala 20 rupees extra than 3x the Uber Fare!

Curse of the Surge!

Sometimes I feel my phone is broken or something. Because whenever I check for Uber, the freak-of-a-cab service system is always on a price surge and 3x. This goes on, even when 5 Uber cars are hovering around the same spot where I have been standing, like Hungry Vultures – waiting for their prey to succumb to the surge prices and call for an Uber cab!

Kudos to Arvind Kejriwal – Delhi CM. I don’t care if he bullied or warned Uber and Ola for their unfair surge fare system. But he got the shit done. He PURGED the SURGE crap, once and for all!


Well, if only the ‘officials’ of Kolkata let go off their citizen-bullying spree, that they can stand up to these Surge Mosquitoes – sucking up from citizens who are racing against time every single day and looking for a few minutes of comfortable drive to their destination.

Uber customer service is great, no doubt about it. The courteous drivers, clean cars and safe commute to our destinations, compels us to pay a few bucks extra and avoid the obnoxiously driven yellow cabs.
But there is a thin line from appeasing the customers and making a fool out of them. And these app-based cab service providers should stop doing that, else they will lose their loyal customers soon, very soon!

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