COVID-19 – Stay At Home, Stay Safe And Work On Your Skills

If you’re privileged and have accessibility to essential commodities in life, then it’s time to make the best use of the COVID-19 Quarantine Period. Yes, you need to stay home and stay safe. But also grab on the opportunity of TIME. And if you’re working from home, you’ll be aware of the number of hours you’re adding to your workplace. 

Why Is Quarantine The Best Time For The Privileged Souls? 

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Why am I emphasizing the phrase “privileged souls”? Well, it’s a fact of life. The Cover-19 or coronavirus pandemic has toppled the global economy. From small businesses to corporate giants are laying off their employees. And in India, the worst-hit section of the society is the poor population – mostly daily wage earners and deprived individuals. 

So, if you’re at home, Netflix-ing and chilling or shooting random recipes, workout, or your pet videos – or being present at the designated schedule for clapping out of your balcony or lighting candles, then you, my friend are a Privileged Soul and am I. 

The Community Is Giving Big Time

The professional community and networks – from the marketing community to the tech community – are doing their bit to help members in their respective networks. Some platforms are offering courses at a lower price range or for free. 

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How to spruce up your digital marketing skills during coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic?

Since I am a digital marketer and copywriter, I will share about two platforms that are offering their courses – which are otherwise hundreds and thousands of dollars – for free or low price. 

Moz Academy

I have been using Moz tools for over six years now. And I swear by its keyword research tool. The courses offered via Moz Academy are worth over $3000. And they are giving it for free during these hours of crisis. Get started with the sessions because Moz is a pioneer in digital marketing. 

SEMRush Academy

SEMRush Academy

I personally use SEMRush for research and website auditing tasks. The platform is a subscription-based one, but it is digital marketing courses and examinations via SEMRush Academy for free. And it’s free for LIFE! So, make the most of its courses. You’ll not regret it!

There are multiple courses available for free or at a lower price range for the time being – but I’ve shared about Moz Academy and SEMRush Academy only because I am using these two platforms and acquiring the best of marketing knowledge – from the basic to advanced level. 

If you’re not a marketer, you can still utilize the time and hone your expertise. Got the internet, right? Do you browse through YouTube? Then use YouTube to learn new tricks of the trade – be it guitar lessons, dance, or even cooking and DIY art! 

Yes, Stay home for sure, but don’t WASTE your TIME!

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