Nine Months’ Wait It was a nine months’ wait before we could cradle our little one. Nine months of thinking, dodging, tripping, being apprehensive of the future with our little one. Should we have one? Can we manage our life with a new member? We haven’t done this before, so can we succeed in the

Renewal Resolution

New Year Resolution

January 1, 2019 – Usual routine – hit the gym and get ready for home. But it was a new spectacle at the cardio room – 10 new members. All slogging, grinding and going at it – like it’s their New Year Resolution… hmm – Well, it was! What’s with New Year Resolutions? It’s like

AGE NO BAR *hick* *hick*

I was 20 years’ of age, when my neighbor had her first baby boy – who was cute as a marshmallow. He was so angelic and cuddly that no one could resist going ‘awwww’ ‘ulebalooo’ ‘giddigiddigoo’ and use every gibberish or alien-lingua in store. Each day, I would stop by my neighbor’s place to simply

Being a Secular Nation: Peculiar Case of SECULARISM In Today’s India

Secularism – Constitution of India   According to Wikipedia – Indian constitution defines ‘Secularism’  – “With the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of India enacted in 1976,the Preamble to the Constitution asserted that India is a secular nation. However, neither India’s constitution nor its laws define the relationship between religion and state. The laws implicitly


overcoming addiction

Yes, the title is correct and not a clickbait. I’ve become an ADDICT. So, don’t judge me. Addiction: “Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance (e.g., alcohol,cocaine, nicotine) or engages in an activity (e.g., gambling, sex, shopping) that can be pleasurable but the continued use/act of which becomes compulsive and