AGE NO BAR *hick* *hick*

I was 20 years’ of age, when my neighbor had her first baby boy – who was cute as a marshmallow. He was so angelic and cuddly that no one could resist going ‘awwww’ ‘ulebalooo’ ‘giddigiddigoo’ and use every gibberish or alien-lingua in store. Each day, I would stop by my neighbor’s place to simply play peek-a-boo and cradle the l’il sunshine. Oh, what happiness I used to get – I think the experience would have been same for Ajay Devgn – yes the Bollywood actor – if in his twenties he met – Parineeti Chopra!


Where am I going with this? Well, somewhere in the la la land of ‘Age No Bar’ concept. I have no issues with age. After all it’s just a number (I keep reminding myself that every freaking day!) But recently the entire fiasco related to ‘Age’ started to play the drums in my head, the moment I got a glimpse of the latest Bollywood trailer – Golmaal Again – A Rohit Shetty movie – who does not give a flying fuck about anything but Cars.

Bollywood Age old equation –

Sure, it is an out-an-out entertainer. I am not complaining. Movies of different genres are produced and made for different audience. There is an audience for movies like Judwaa 2, Golmaal Again and then there’s an audience for Newton. No qualms about that. Won’t go there either. But I do have a problem with the depiction of certain issues – which the makers don’t tread a lot into – even when they’re creating in 2017. And in Golmaal Again trailer – from whatever I could make of – Ajay Devgan (48) is going to romance Parineeti (28), when there is a Tabu (45) in the same frame.

Bollywood Age old equation –

48 + 28 = Awesome Jodi (coupling). 48 + 45 = Ewww Gross!

I think the recent Kangana Ranaut and AIB collab video brings forth the obnoxious reality of Bollywood industry in the forefront. She blatantly removes the Age Facade and talks about Older Actors Playing ‘single-mingle’ with Female Leads have their age – Paedophilia Alert Much?!

Ajay Devgan did many films together with Tabu then why can’t he be her love interest in Golmaal Again (like I said, I just saw the trailer. Maybe, the makers share the similar progressive thought process and mindset and might have paired Ajay and Tabu, I dunno – Maybe. Will watch …. Oops …. Read the plot in Wikipedia)

There was a lower level of fuss around Judwaa 2 – with the lead character kissing a woman without her consent (same woman – Tapsee Pannu – who fought against misogyny, for consent and assault in PINK. And threw light in our society about the simple yet powerful word – NO!) I cannot get my head around such stupidity being portrayed by educated, dynamic and liberal young people.

I loved watching Ranbir Kapoor being paired opposite Konkona Sen in Wake Up Sid / Aishwarya Rai in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil …. And would find it extremely nostalgic to watch Ajay Devgan romancing Tabu in Golmaal Again, instead of Parineeti Chopra!

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