About Two of us

“Opposites attract” – true for us ‘hubby & wifey’ – where the former is like a “Silent Film” and latter a “Slapstick Comedy”.

Jay and me (Maria) are so different in personality that gives the idiom “Opposites Attract” a run for its money. Different— yet similar. How?

Read on….

Geekily Married— I coined the term taking inspiration from our Marital Life. Hubs in his truest avatar is a Geek— always reading, researching and being in the now when it comes to Technology, Numbers, Science.

Well, me? I was Technically Challenged (not anymore though!)— so much so, that in my first (paying) job, I made a goop outta myself by frantically calling the admin and tech guy to my department, citing system breakdown, since I could not hear anything via my headset. Well, he did come galloping to fix my computer — only to take the mouse, click on the volume bar and increase it— leaving me as embarrassed as my regular “shaving-my-legs-while-rushing-to-the-alter-in-my-wedding-gown” dream (Yes, I had that dream and it did come true on my wedding day— don’t ask me how!)

So, the name — Geekily Married!

We both fell in love with each other’s personalities. I — for one wanted someone in my life who would be a good listener. And Bingo — Hubs rarely talks — Checkmate!

One thing common in us was the fact that we both never believed in living a conventional life. A life that is defined by the society. Thus, we started our company together with a Single employee – a desk – a rented two-room ground floor apartment— that never saw the light of the day — 5000 rupees and our Goals and Dreams!

We continue to live a conventional married life – working for straight 18 hours a day, have two dogs (our first and second born – Joey and Choto!), taking care of 10 strays, slowly and gradually saving enough to open a sanctuary for them!

People who know us — read: Relatives — enquire (more like a complain) when we’ll start a “REAL FAMILY”… as we need someone to take care of us when we become old and fragile. Why don’t we meet up with friends regularly or invite all for dinners and lunches? Why spend so much on dogs? They will not take care of us! What about vacation?! And the Rant continues till date!

But we both give a rat’s ass to what the world thinks about us, our lifestyle and our dogs. Our passion, love for those who don’t have a voice— will drive us to our destiny. Even if that comes with the price of Vacations, Spa treatments, meeting up with friends or socializing or even having a few hours on a Sunday to relax in the balcony!

These things are irrelevant. And we both know it!

And that’s why we love each other so unconventionally. We are Geekily Married!