2020 — The Decade that was!

Just a few days and another decade will come to an end. And we can’t wait to bid adieu to 2020. I’m not going to talk about the pandemic, the crisis, or the hell 2020 ushered. 

But this post is definitely from the perspective of privileged lots who were lucky enough to utilize the pandemic-stricken 2020 to ponder over their thoughts, work from home, try out new hobbies, and gain some insight into their lives. 

I’m one of the privileged souls who did all the above and more. 2020 completes a decade. And it was one helluva decade for me. 

I kickstarted the decade by getting married to my best friend in 2011. It was also a decade of going through crap, tumbling, falling, and getting right back up. 

The decade started by us getting an eviction notice from our landlord, just because my husband was no longer a bachelor. But with the help of good friends, we got right back up and found a place to call our home for at least three years before we bought our own house. 

It was also a decade of starting our own company with only rupees 5000. And we end the decade by moving our office in Kolkata’s IT hub. 

It was also a decade of “loss” — identity, passion, self-worth, mind, and my dida (Maa)! 

This decade I also got my guitar but only learned two chords. 

The next decade is super crucial as I witness my being in my 40s. It will also be a decade of new beginnings, realizations, and the achievement of dreams and passion. 

What I lost last decade, I aim to gain in the coming decade. 2021 will be the year when I’ll finally lose the pounds for good, get a grip on my career, discover my passion and make it see the light of the day. 

The year 2021 will be for my two fur babies, for whom I’ll bring down the roof to live all together as one big happy family. 

2020 gave me the chance to rediscover the joy of living with both my pets. Tending to them 24/7 also helped me become stronger, more resilient, and productive than ever before. 

2020 got me thinking; if not me, then who? If not me, then why? If not me, then how? 

The decade begins with 2021, and I’ll leave no room for any more regrets, loss, and failure!

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